How to play 18

Some people in Unibetblackjack will not even entertain the idea of hitting on 18, regardless if it is soft or not. They would be happy to stick with what they have and ask the dealer to beat them.

On most occasions this would be the best thing to do. A score of 18 is good enough towin a large percentage of hands, so you can see why people don’t go on any further.

The only time anybody would consider hitting on 18 is if it was a soft hand, which of course would be A7. The first thing you would need to do is consider the position the dealer is in. If they have a 9,10, face card or Ace, they are sitting strong because they are just one card away from getting very close to 21, if not hitting that magical total. In this situation, your 18 is second favourite to win the hand, therefore you are probably best taking a hit and hoping you get lucky. If you don’t, you can always convert the Ace into a 1 and start building once again.

If you do decide to take the chance by hitting, don’t be hard on yourself if it does not work out to be the right move. It won’t work all of them time. Just because you did not get the desired result, it does not mean you made the wrong decision at the time.

In blackjack if you continue to make your next move after taking all the information available to you at the table, you are likely to do well in the long term.

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