How To Play Free Poker

For decades, poker has been at the forefront of the casino and gambling scene. From its menial beginnings in saloons, to the multi million pound industry that it is today, it forms an integral part of the gambling world.

The majority of people who play poker regularly play for money. However, there are several ways to be able to play completely free poker. Of course, any real monetary winnings might be non existent or minimal at best, but free poker provides a fantastic insight into the way the game is played.

Join an online casino. The easiest way to play free poker is to sign up to one of the many online casinos when they have promotions on. Some run weekly promotions, whilst others only offer them periodically, however the majority almost always offer some form of free chips bonus. Some smaller casinos will offer a free amount of chips if a set amount of money is deposited, whilst larger and more established casinos will simply provide a free amount of chips once a free signup has been completed. For both, the chips generally have to be gambled a set amount of times before they can be withdrawn.

Play the free games. Often most popular on online casinos, although some offline casinos offer them occasionally, there are several free roll games that have a free buy-in, but a cash reward. Furthermore, the reward will occasionally be a free buy-in to a larger tournament. Whilst the player will have to provide their own money to play with, the initial outset of the buy in can help raise the funds needed considerably.

Can simply play for fun. Some online casinos or poker rooms have their own set, dedicated area for free play games, in which players, as long as they signup to the casino, which is usually free, can play as many hands of poker as they like, using play money. Any winnings earned are in play money and cannot be withdrawn. Ideal for new players, it is also a great area to practice a new strategy instead of taking the risk and using it in a real money game environment.

Be sponsored. There are some poker players who are sponsored by friends, colleagues or business partners to play poker. Not highly recommended unless everything is discussed properly beforehand, it should only be carried with someone who is an experienced poker player and someone who knows the risks involved. In its basic form, the way it works is that a person gives his poker playing friend 500GBP to play poker with, with the guarantee that he will be returned with at least 600GBP and agrees that the poker player will keep 25 percent of the total winnings. Although often tedious, if the poker player is experienced enough and plays to a set strategy, they could turn that 500GBP into 1000GBP very quickly, paying the investor back 750GBP and keeping 250GBP for themselves. This process takes a lot of trust and should only happen if the investor can afford to spare the money.

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